Benefits of using Row Shaver

The Row Shaver System is configured and assembled based on your individual needs. Row width, number of cutting rows, and a variety of optional features make Row Shaver the perfect solution for no-till and organic farm operators, as well as custom applicators.

Make each pass count

The Row Shaver System is a game changer in itself – but we didn’t stop there! At the end of the day, Row Shaver is mounted to a sprayer – so let’s use the sprayer! We’ve created an entire set of customizable addons that turn Row Shaver into an effective machine that fights weeds and fertilizes crops in a single pass.

Row Shaver Hooded Sprayer with Optional Tubes Closeup

Optional Hood Mounted Fertilization Tubes

Optional tubes can be installed on the back of the hooded sprayer allowing Row Shaver to be used for side-dress fertilizer applications.

Row Shaver Fungicide Sprayer Wand

Optional Insecticide / Fungicide Sprayer Wand

Increase overall productivity by adding the option insecticide / fungicide sprayer wand. Integrating with your existing processes allows you to perform two operations in a single field pass.

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No-till & Organic Farming

Row Shaver can be used as a non-chemical above ground weed management system perfect for no-till and organic farm operators. Our patented design allows for the quick and safe removal of weeds and grasses without disrupting the soil, allowing for higher crop yield by keeping moisture in the ground.

Built To Your Needs

Take a look at the customizable features Row Shaver offers:

Row Shaver Video Poster

Number of Rows

You decide how many cutting rows! We’ve built units with as few as five and are looking to prototype units with as many as twelve.

Row Shaver Hooded Sprayer with Optional Tubes Closeup

Hooded Sprayer

This optional sprayer can be outfitted with Topdress Tubes for maximizing overall performance.

Row Shaver Clean Rows After Use

Cutter Width

Row Shaver cutters can be modified to fit your optimal row width (between 20 and 36 inches).

Row Shaver Hooded Sprayer with Optional Tubes

Rear mounted options

Row Shaver also offers rear mounted options for high clearance sprayers – easily fitting into your current workflow and processes.

The Row Shaver Advantage

The Row Shaver Systems is an innovative and unique solution for above ground weed management. While there are a variety of customizable options, each Row Shaver System provides the following features:

Quick Attach Bar

The new Quick Attach bar lets you convert from Row Shaver/Row Trimmer back to sprayer in just 30 minutes.

No Herbicide Drift

All sprayer attachments reach under the crop canopy keeping all chemicals close to the ground.

Lightweight & Efficient

Light enough to mount to a small front boom sprayer with options that allow you to perform multiple tasks in a single row pass.

Plant Non-GMO Seeds

Buy and plant less costly, non-GMO seeds while still maintaining control of weed seeds. Perfect for organic farm producers.

Benefits for Custom Applicators

The two part Row Shaver System is perfect for custom applicators – allowing you to trim and spray in a single pass.

Since the Row Shaver System is mechanical in nature, herbicidal drift has been eliminated. No more wind carrying chemicals to neighboring fields.

Both the Row Shaver and Row Trimmer products fit front boom sprayers and use the Quick Attach system. This allows you move from Row Shaver/Row Trimmer to Sprayer in just 30 minutes.

The two part Row Shaver system is purely mechanical and can be run all day and all night. It’s the perfect tool for increasing productivity without the red tape of chemical weed management systems.

Add more ROI to your sprayer purchase by reaching a whole new market of organic fields.

Row Shaver System Compatibility

The current Row Shaver and Row Trimmer demo machines were installed on a Hagie 284 high clearance front boom sprayer. These tests have proven incredibly effective and we’re seeking larger sprayers to prototype future kits.

If you have questions about compatibility with your sprayer, or would like more information about the Row Shaver System, please contact us.