The Row Shaver Story

Created by farmers for farmers, the Row Shaver System was developed to help stop the spread of herbicide resistant weed seeds. As an above ground weed management process, it’s the perfect for no-till and organic farm operators – Because weeds can’t grow resistant to steel®.
Row Shaver Great Bend Newspaper Feature

Dave Button grew up on a family farm in western Kansas. After spending nearly 30 years of his adult life in the aviation industry, Dave eventually found his way back home on the farm.

Getting back into farming had its own challenges… specifically weeds. Using herbicides in Kansas with our notorious winds often feels impossible.

With an entire career of aviation maintenance experience (working closely with engineers to correct fleet issues), Dave began developing a solution to manage weeds by eliminating the spread of herbicide resistant seeds.

After a period of design, development and testing on his own crops, Row Shaver was born.

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