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The Two-Part Row Shaver System:

Row Shaver Systems is a two part weed control system: Part 1, the Row Shaver cleans weeds from between the rows of about any crop planted in traditional rows and Part 2, the Row Trimmer cleans weed flowers/seed pods that extend above the crop canopy. The goal of our system is to reduce the production of herbicide resistant weed seeds.

Row Shaver Systems Part 1, The ‘Row Shaver’

Rather than tilling/cultivating the soil to remove herbicide-resistant weeds and losing valuable soil moisture and crop yield, we have mounted a hydraulically-operated mower assembly on the front of each row unit with an above ground mowing width of 18 to 36 inches, depending upon your optimal row width. We have integrated a hooded sprayer to allow the option of spraying very small weeds and grasses with selective herbicides that cannot be sprayed directly on a crop during the mowing process. Optional fertilizer tubes are installed to the back of the hooded sprayer to allow the Row Shaver to be used for side-dress fertilizer applications. No-till and organic farm operators will be especially interested in our implement for its moisture and chemical saving characteristics.

Row Shaver ready to make a pass!

Row Shaver passing through a soybean field.

Pass results!

Save Moisture
Avoid Pesticides & Herbicides
Great for No-Till Farmers
Ideal for Organic Crops

Make Each Pass Through the Field Even More Productive by Adding Options:

Row Shaver Systems Part 2, The ‘Row Trimmer’

The Row Trimmer has been developed to control weed seed production on weeds growing within the crop rows. It acts as a ‘floating sickle bar’, operating just above the crop canopy to remove seed pods, flower and stems and reduces the number of resistant weed seeds from maturing and being viable seeds. A proof of concept unit was tested last summer and our demo unit is COMPLETED! It also has our ‘quick attach’ mount on the front end of our high clearance sprayer. 

Row Trimmer in action!

Growth version of the Row Trimmer already on the drawing board!

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