Row Shaver:
Because Weeds Can't Grow Resistant to Steel®

Our goal is to reduce the production of herbicide resistant weed seeds and Row Shaver is how we’re getting it done.

Row Shaver Front 3qtr Cutout

The solution
to Herbicide Resistant Weeds

The revolutionary Row Shaver system helps stop weed seed production without using a single drop of herbicide. Our two part system first clears weeds between crop rows, then removes weed flowers and seed pods growing directly above the crop canopy.

Row Shaver System In Action

Let’s show you the benefits of this revolutionary two part weed management system.

Part 1: Row Shaver

Row Shaver’s shrouded cutters move between each crop row cutting down herbicide resistant weeds – weeds that seek to rob precious nutrients from your crops.

The Row Shaver is a custom attachment that front mounts on high-clearance sprayers, and can even be used safely on mature crops. Row Shaver’s light-weight design takes advantage of our Quick Attach system for fast and easy change-out – Row Shaver to sprayer in just 30 minutes!

As a front mounted attachment, Row Shaver clears all weeds from between crop rows before being trampled by the sprayer’s wheels – a common problem with rear-mounted solutions.

Row Shaver Cutters Closeup

Row Shaver’s cutters can be adjusted to cut row widths between 20″ to 36″

Row Shaver Hooded Sprayer with Optional Tubes

It is a sprayer after all

To make Row Shaver even more versatile, an integrated hooded sprayer allows you to attack small weeds and grasses with selective herbicides that can’t be sprayed directly onto crops during the cutting process.

Part 2: Row Trimmer

With clean spaces between the rows, it’s time to get rid of weeds growing directly above the rows. A floating sickle bar glides just above the crop canopy removing seed pods, flowers and stems – cutting them down before becoming mature viable seeds. This is the final step for ensuring that herbicide resistant weed seeds are kept from spreading across your field.

Eliminates seed pods

Our number one goal is to eliminate the spread of herbicide resistant seeds. The Row Shaver System is particularly effective when used to cut down weeds before seed pods reach maturity. This ensures that your crops are the dominant vegetation in your field, growing healthy and strong.

Simple but effective

Row Trimmer is a hydraulically operated sickle and reel assembly. Our design is simple but effective, with wider combine fold back designs coming later this year. Using the same Quick Attach system, switching from Row Trimmer to Row Shaver to sprayer is intuitive, familiar and fast.

Row Shaver Crop Uses

Any crop planted in row widths 20” to 36” are perfect candidates.

Row Shaver System Crop Uses

The Row Shaver System has had incredible success in a variety of crop fields including soy beans, corn, milo (grain sorghum) and cotton. As the Row Shaver System is distributed throughout the region, we expect to receive additional positive reports for even more crops.

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Benefits of using Row Shaver

The Row Shaver System is configured and assembled based on your individual needs. Row width, number of cutting rows, and a variety of optional features make the Row Shaver System perfect for no-till and organic farm operators, as well as custom applicators.

Row Shaver System

Created by Farmers for Farmers

The Row Shaver Systems was created by Dave Button – a Kansas farmer looking for a solution to stop the spread of herbicide resistant weed seeds.